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Since 1978

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Got dem ol' KOZMIC KOVID blues? 'Course you do. Long for those heavenly days spent in the Pattaya of yore? You and everybody else.

OK, get ready to dust off the rock ‘n’ roll shoes and dig out the ol' T-shirt. The good times—the same good times you remember—gon' roll again soon as the inimitable Tahitian Queen opens the black curtain and welcomes you back aboard. When? When The Situation allows, FINALLY.

Patience, patience. Watch this space for the reopening announcement.

Tahitian Queen


Pattaya, Thailand

Daytime is Playtime

Established in 1978, the classic Tahitian Queen (known worldwide as “the TQ”) is Pattaya’s oldest bar and still the best.

Centrally located on Beach Road near Soi 13, the TQ's home to both the Jesters MC and the Pattaya Dirt Road H3. It sponsors the yearly TQ Masters Golf Tournament. And the TQ helps critically in the annual Jesters Care For Kids Charity Drive. With a long and storied history, the Tahitian Queen's more than just a bar: it's a way of life.

  • Live DJ
  • Music videos on 4 screens
  • Quality JBL sound system
  • Well-stocked bar with daily happy hours
  • Friendly, entertaining, attractive staff
  • Beloved kitsch faux-Tiki décor and
  • Clubby, retro dive atmosphere

Rock Out At The TQ


TQ DJs play a wide variety of music selected from a vast collection of DVDs, CDs, and tapes amassed over the decades. Requests accepted.

Surviving all mishaps, the TQ music collection has grown to become the finest in SE Asia. So TQ ain't some golden oldies club playing the Pattaya Top 100. No. TQ DJs open the throttle with the best of rock, blues, Motown, even the occasional rockabilly.

What you WON'T hear is what drives so many patrons away from the plastic bars and clubs: headache-inducing techno, rap, hip hop, heavy metal, punk, and pop pabulum.

Yet the TQ maintains a clubby, intimate atmosphere by playing the music at reasonable volume. You can always carry on a very interesting conversation in the TQ!
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